Angus Soutar


Angus is working to create resilient societies and to prepare for managed decline. His over-arching effort is to re-localise economies and build capacity in communiity governance. The work revolves around the revival of local food and energy systems, together with the general infrastructure of providing a diversity of trade and exchange systems with local marketplaces. Opportunities for health, art and creativity are integrated into the new organisations that to meet these challenges.

His current areas of activity include:

  • responding to complexity and change through a design approach
  • fostering resilience for landowners and their neighbouring communities
  • creating non-formal human organisations that work
  • energy planning for resilience at the small (neighbourhood) scale





Angus has a comprehensive set of skills, developed over a lifetime of experience working across the private, public and community sectors.



  • Management in complex and confusing situations
  • Partnership and guild establishment
  • Property, site and landscape design
  • Business and organisation design
  • Design team management, client handling
  • Training - resilience, security, permaculture design

In addition, the usual “survival” skills:

  • Project management
  • “Hands-on” construction and engineering
  • Writing and publishing, both “old-fashioned” and digital - website construction with Drupal
  • Finance - book-keeping, accounting, statutory reports, funder reports (not fundraising)
  • Business planning and bid writing (after funder identified)

Papers from Angus Soutar